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Main Restaurant " The Citadel"

The Main restaurant “ The Citadel” Restaurant offers a fresh new taste cuisine with a seasonal menu that includes local seafood, steaks, fresh pasta, salads and small plates created with great passion.

International Restaurant "Harbor Inn"

Masterfully prepared by our expert chefs using only the finest ingredients, your dining experience in “Harbor Inn” will be unforgettable.

Asian Restaurant

Experience the taste of Asia! Our Asian restaurant is renowned for blending traditional Asian fine dining with creativity.

Oriental Restaurant "Si Omar"

Taste the flavors of the Orient offered at Si Omar and indulge in the harmony of the chefs creations whilst listening to the gentle tempo of the waves meeting the shore.

Brazilian Restaurant "El Gaucho"

We believe that every dining decision should be a social, visual and personalized experience to discover and order the food you will love- enjoy your dinner in “El Gaucho”

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