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Dana Beach Resort
luxurious 5* beachfront resort


International Restaurant "Le Marche"

Masterfully prepared by our expert chefs using only the finest ingredients, your dining experience in Le Marche will be unforgettable.

Oriental Restaurant "La Clef de l’Orient"

La Clef de l’Orient offers guests a feast from traditional Oriental fare to sophisticated and inventive  dishes.

"Kaiser Blick"

Traditional German Food in the heart of our hotel! We strive to serve quality cuisine that maintains the same taste as in Germany.

Italian Restaurant "Castello"

Indulge in the flavors of the Italian cuisine which we are offering at Castello Restaurant.

Asian Restaurant "L’Asiatique"

Experience the taste of Asia! L’ Asiatique restaurant is renowned for blending traditional Asian fine dining with creativity.

Food Court

Whether you’re in simply looking for a non-fuss meal or snack, the Food Court is the perfect choice, offering a wide variety of popular snacks to satisfy every taste.

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