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Mediterranean Restaurant

Mediterranean Restaurant offers a fresh new taste cuisine with a seasonal menu that includes  local seafood, steaks, fresh pasta, salads and small plates created with great passion.

Italian Restaurant "Soprano"

This restaurant will give you the experience of rustic Italian cuisine in a modern setting where you will have the chance to go in a journey to the Italian countryside with the smell of homemade pizza.

Asian restaurant "L' Asiatique"

Offering a collection of Asian food and featuring a unique cuisine, our Asian Restaurant is the perfect choice for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Oriental Restaurant "Tagine"

The all-day dining is an attractive everyday experience with its live cooking theatres as our culinary artists delight you in delicious flavors and the freshest ingredients from around the orient.

German Restaurant "Zum Kaiser"

The German cuisine is as varied as it’s landscapes and people. To find the best mix our talented chefs create an individual taste with a traditional touch.

Food Court

Located near the beach of the resort and with breathtaking sea views, the Food Court snack bar offers  drinks service and fast food. It is ideal for vacationers who want to keep their feet in the sand.

Thai Restaurant White Elephant (extra charge)

Our White Elephant VIP Bar features more than 20 varieties of the most popular types of sushi, sashimi and innovative Japanese cuisine. Interact with chef and savor his one-of-a-kind culinary delicacies while sipping the finest wine.

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