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Green Star Hotel Disclaimer

Sustainable Management Policy of Pickalbatros Hotels & Resorts

The management and staff of Pickalbatros Hotels & Resorts are committed to keep the hotel and its surroundings an appropriate and safe place, in which ethical, economical and quality standards are given for the people involved (staff and local community), and the conservation of cultural heritage and wildlife is ensured. Therefore, Pickalbatros Hotels & Resorts obliges itself to establish a Sustainable Management Policy with the following actions:


  1. We implement a Sustainable Management Policy which considers economic, quality, health and safety issues according to legal requirements for our hotel, its surroundings and for every person involved or influenced by our actions. 
  2. The hotel is in compliance with all applicable local to international legislation and regulations. 
  3. Everybody, especially local residents, women, and minorities if existent, are given equal opportunity for employment, including management positions.
  4. We avoid commercial exploitation (e.g. employment of illegal child labor) and non-commercial exploitation (e.g. sexual harassment or exploitation), particularly of children  and adolescents and discrimination of women and therefore we pay all the employees an adequate wage which allows them to make a living
  5. The national legal protection of all our employees is respected.
  6. We respect local and indigenous communities (e.g. Bedouins), including their intellectual and property rights. We also respect the water rights of all traditional communities.
  7. Local properties and sites of historical, archeological, cultural or spiritual importance are protected. 
  8. Captive or protected wildlife is only kept by authorized people, in appropriate conditions and if allowed by local to international law.
  9. The activities of the hotel have no negative influence
    • On the provision of basic water, energy, food, health and sanitation services to local communities.
    • On the access to land and aquatic resources, rights-of-way and transport, housing and historical, archeological, cultural and spiritual sites for local communities.
  10. We ensure that all property, land, and water rights used on the hotel’s premises have been acquired in compliance local, communal and indigenous rights, including their free, prior and informed consent.
  11. We ensure that the involuntary settlement of inhabitants did / does not take place during the development / expansion of the hotel.

Special Needs Facilities

Facilities provided by the hotel:

  • Wheelchair access available from the street and car park.
  • Wheelchair access by ramps and elevators to restaurants and outlets from the Lobby.
  • Wheelchairs are available for guests upon request.
  • Walking Sticks are available for guests upon request.
  • Special Needs Toilets are available (Toilet’s Grab Rails, Low level Wash Hand Basin, Wide Doors and Space for Wheel Chair).
  • Luggage assistance provided.
  • Special Needs Rooms are available and equipped with Bathroom Facilities (Bathroom Accessible Shower, Handrails and Wide Doors).
  • All hotel’s buildings have ramps for wheelchair users in order to ensure easy accessibility.
  • Hotel Walkways are wheelchair user friendly.
  • Pools’ decks are wheelchair user friendly.
  • All hotel’s restaurants have ramps for wheelchair users in order to ensure easy accessibility.