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Neverland Hurghada Aqua Park, the largest aqua park in Egypt and the Middle East, offers a truly unique experience. Boasting 45 swimming pools and 81 water slides such as Dragero, Freefall, Aqua Tube, and Looping Rocket, it promises a pulse-pounding adventure. This water wonderland enchants visitors of all ages, serving up a blend of fun and excitement. It's a place where unforgettable memories are made. Ranging from attractions that delight the little ones to adrenaline-charged thrills, there's a world to explore for every guest. The unforgettable aqua venture offered by Neverland Hurghada Aqua Park is a standout attraction. It's a place where thrill and joy converge, redefining aquatic adventure. Visitors to Neverland Hurghada Aqua Park discover a world of excitement brimming with fun at every corner.


Kids Aqua Park

The Musuem

Skate Area

Bump Boat

Art School

Crazy River

Bump Car