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Meal Plans

Meal Plans at Pickalbatros Palace Resort in Hurghada

Each of our dining options is designed to cater to different tastes and preferences, ensuring a delightful gastronomic experience for every guest. Savor the essence of your vacation with Pickalbatros, where every meal is a celebration!

Bed and Breakfast: "Wake up to a beautiful morning with our Bed and Breakfast plan, perfectly pairing comfortable accommodation with a scrumptious breakfast selection."

Half Board: "Experience comfort and savor our Half Board plan, offering thoughtfully designed breakfast and dinner menus that bring the world's flavors to your table."

All Inclusive: "Delight in the All Inclusive plan, a seamless journey of indulgence from sunrise to sunset, with full-day dining, beverages, and selected activities."

Ultra All Inclusive: "Elevate your stay with our Ultra All Inclusive plan, offering limitless culinary experiences, premium beverages, exclusive activities, and the ultimate in luxury and convenience."


Pool at Pickalbatros Citadel Resort in Sahl Hasheesh

Play, Unwind, Bond

Jacuzzi at Pickalbatros Citadel Resort in Sahl Hasheesh


Pool at Pickalbatros Citadel Resort in Sahl Hasheesh

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