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Asian restaurant with a sea view, Pickalbatros Hotels & Resorts
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Welcome to the primary source for all updates about us! Here, we keep you informed and connected with our progress, achievements, and future plans. From new product launches and service enhancements, company announcements, industry insights, to our community involvement – everything you need to know about us is right here. Stay tuned for our most recent news to get a deeper understanding of our journey and commitment towards serving you better. Keep yourselves updated, because exciting things are always happening here!

Embracing Beachfront Harmony: Beach Albatros Hurghada and Palace Hurghada

Exciting News! Beach Albatros Hurghada and Palace Hurghada at Pickalbatros Hotels & Resorts are proud to unveil a coastal paradise where guests can experience the ultimate beachfront getaway.

Step into a world of coastal enchantment as these two luxurious resorts reveal a seamless integration of their beachfront areas

Introducing the All-New Pickalbatros Blu Spa Resort

 A Paradigm of Unparalleled Luxury and Indulgence

A New Era in Luxury Leisure
Emerging as a beacon of luxury in the Red Sea's heart, the newly inaugurated Pickalbatros Blu Spa Resort is a portrait of elegance and tranquility. Designed exclusively for adults, this ultra-all-inclusive resort is a testament to world-class comfort and luxury, providing unrestricted access to its premier facilities 24/7.

Unleashing Fun at Neverland - Pickalbatros Hurghada

Neverland: The Gateway to Entertainment
Delve into the world of unlimited enjoyment at Neverland, an exquisite venture envisioned by Pickalbatros in the picturesque city of Hurghada, Egypt. Touted as one of the largest aqua parks in the MENA region, Neverland offers a spectacular array of water sports, mesmerizing shows, and a variety of gastronomic experiences, making it the perfect vacation spot for everyone.

Pickalbatros' Remarkable Transformation: A Masterstroke of Rebranding

Embracing Change - Pickalbatros' Rebranding Journey
In the ever-evolving world of hospitality, staying current is imperative. Pickalbatros has proven its calibre once again by unveiling a revolutionary rebranding scheme in February 2023. This strategic move was not just a change in the logo, but a comprehensive transformation that breathed new life into the Pickalbatros empire.