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Sahl Hasheesh

Sahl Hasheesh, known as "The Jewel of the Red Sea," is situated only 20 kilometers south of Hurghada airport along the captivating Red Sea. This destination offers sun-kissed waters, a year-round summer climate, and golden sandy beaches. It effortlessly combines the enchantment of ancient folklore with modern-day dreams and desires. Sahl Hasheesh is a place that can be both vibrant and lively, as well as serene and peaceful. The town's architectural style draws inspiration from exquisite Arabian and Mediterranean palaces and buildings, showcasing a timeless Mediterranean charm. As the premier tourist resort on the Red Sea Coast, Sahl Hasheesh is a picturesque coastal town that is considered part of Hurghada, the capital of the Red Sea governorate. It truly is a delightful and beautiful place to live in.

Lifestyle in Sahl Hasheesh
If you're a beach lover, Sahl Hasheesh is the perfect destination for you! It offers a relaxing and laid-back atmosphere with abundant sunshine. Plus, you can bask in beautiful sunny weather all year round. The weather in Sahl Hasheesh is delightful, with mild winters and hotter summers. Regardless of the season, you can enjoy the magnificent Red Sea. Its crystal-clear waters are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving, allowing you to explore breathtaking coral reefs teeming with a variety of fish, dolphins, and turtles. The underwater world of Sahl Hasheesh is truly enchanting.

Hotels in destination

Pickalbatros Citadel Resort in Sahl Hasheesh

Pickalbatros Citadel Resort - Sahl Hasheesh

Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada 1, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt

Welcome to Picalbatros Citadel Resort, an oasis of natural life designed to provide an exceptional holiday experience. With its magnificent architecture and spacious mooring, it transports you back in time to the grandeur and elegance of medieval architecture.

Pickalbatros Citadel Resort in Sahl Hasheesh
Sahl Hasheesh

Pickalbatros Citadel Resort - Sahl Hasheesh

Welcome to Picalbatros Citadel Resort, an oasis of natural life designed to provide an exceptional holiday experience. With its magnificent architecture and spacious mooring, it transports you back in time to the grandeur and elegance of medieval architecture.

Top Highlights

Coral Reefs
Set against the stunning Red Sea, Hurghada, a vibrant beach town, is a jewel of Egypt. Formerly a fishing village, Hurghada now entices with coral-rich waters, adventurous water sports, and fascinating shipwreck dives. The town marries tradition with modernity, offering authentic charm coupled with immersive nightlife. A fusion of rich history, pristine beaches, and lively entertainment, Hurghada is your ultimate beach retreat.

Hurghada Corniche
The corniche in Hurghada is a tourist hub as it has plenty to provide, from beaming beaches, restaurants along the coast and a pier by the sea. The Abdulmoneim Riadh Mosque and Saint Shenouda Coptic Orthodox Church are beautiful places of worship to visit at the corniche. Mahmya and the Hurghada Marina are also located at the corniche.

Giftun Islands
Giftun Islands are among the most famous Egyptian Sea Islands located in the Northern Reserves of the Red Sea. The Big Giftun Island is more popular among tourists and offers various activities such as snorkeling, fishing, sunbathing, and diving. The island has pristine white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, with three major beaches - Orange Beach, Paradise Beach, and Mahmya Beach - known for their excellent diving spots. Small Giftun Island is renowned for its good snorkeling spots. The islands are surrounded by rich marine life, including 196 types of coral reefs and nearly 800 species of fish. It is also home to seagulls, dolphins, rare birds, turtles, and other marine organisms.

Strait of Gubal Wreck Diving
Gubal is known to have the most wrecks and reefs in the entirety of the Red Sea. There are over 30 different diving sites across the strait. Here you’ll find Egypt’s most famous wreck - The Thistlegorm. There are many other well-known wrecks like The Rosalie Moller, Dunraven, Barge Wreck and The Kingston Wreck. Apart from wrecks, there is an incredible spot along the strait known as the Stingray Station since many blue-spotted stingrays can be spotted here. The best time to find them around is during spring.

Desert Safari
Hurghada is known for its majestic deserts, and a safari is the best way to explore them. The desert safaris include quad bikes and venture across hidden dunes, Bedouin villages, ancient landmarks and the east Arabian desert hills, also known as Sahara Park.

The most beautiful phenomenon to witness is the colour of the desert changing at sunset. Safaris in Hurghada can happen through jeeps, quads or even camels. Booking is available online and manually.

Diving at Gota Abu Ramada
Gota Abu Ramada is the heart of the Red Sea aquatic life. It is, in fact, known as The Aquarium for its diverse and dense marine life. The diving depth goes up to 15 meters in Gota Abu Ramada. A variety of butterflyfish, parrotfish, groupers, sweetlips, moray eels, goatfish, barracudas, stonefish and jacks can be spotted and sometimes even turtles, dolphins, blue spotted stingrays and eagle rays too.

The coral life is also extreme, from soft and hard corals to brain corals, coral pinnacles, anemones and gorgonians.

Hurghada Marina
Hurghada Marina, a vibrant attraction near Sakala's Sheraton Road, offers picturesque views, delightful cuisine, and fun activities. It's wheelchair-friendly, with amenities like a sightseeing train loved by children and adventure activities like the 'Bungee Rocket'. Enjoy day cruises with the Pirate Boat, inclusive of lunch buffets and snorkeling, or shop at charming boutiques. The marina also hosts special events with renowned DJs at clubs like Papas Beach Club. Hurghada Marina is a lively haven, perfect for stargazing and embracing the local spirit.